Refining & Marketing Division

Formed in 2004, our Refining & Marketing Division produces three distinct products from distressed hydrocarbon streams. All of our processing is done at a third-party facility under a contract manufacturing relationship. This Division opportunistically purchases pipeline transmix and chemical by-products that come out of refineries and chemical plants that can be used as feedstock for producing our finished products.

  • Gasoline Blendstock which is a raw gasoline product sold to large fuel blenders
  • Pygas which is a feedstock used by a variety of chemical companies in their operations
  • Fuel Oil Cutterstock which is sold to large oil trading companies and used in making residual fuel blends

Our Refining & Marketing Division provides Vertex Energy with an additional profit center for the conversion of distressed hydrocarbon streams.

For more information on our Refining & Marketing Division services, please contact Smith Howland at smithhowland@vertexenergy.com or by visiting our investor relations contact page.