Vertex Energy Delivers “Best in Class” Operations at Military Base

By Wednesday, December 18, 2019

2019 ANAD Letter of Commendation

Vertex Energy’s own Jason Strickland is the proud recipient of a letter of commendation from the Army Chief of Staff at the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) in Anniston, Alabama for passion and commitment in the protection of the environment. It was noted that an ISO regulated recertification audit found pollution prevention controls which were deemed by the auditor as “Best in Class”. The Chief of Staff writes:

“Your efforts directly contributed to making a successful recertification. I know that due diligence like this is not automatic and is the result of planning, practice and hard work. Our mission depends on ANAD’s environmental sustainability, and every individual’s commitment to this endeavor.”

ANAD’s third party Environmental Management System lead auditor went on to further state that he has never seen such a professional defueling operation in his decades of auditing. When asked about the group’s success, Jason Strickland humbly provided context around how he approaches equipment configuration and environmental controls by not just relying on minimal

standards, but instead using those standards as a starting-point for which to further build an optimally robust configuration for operations best serving the environment, facility, technicians and operators.

We celebrate with the Anniston Military Base and the Department of Defense on this highly successful recertification because it calls out what we see and hope to see more of everyday; that is, personal ownership over a process managed in a way that builds trust through excellence at every level, while caring for one another and the environment in the process. Vertex Energy is intentional about cultivating a culture of mutual trust, commitment to excellence and care for one another by encouraging and giving our team members the headroom to take ownership and bring all processes to the next level from first to last touch. Furthermore, we know that these values cannot stand alone but rather work together to solidify and advance our position as leaders in this space. In light of this, Vertex Energy would like to congratulate Jason Strickland and his team on a job well done, as well as extend our gratitude to ANAD’s Chief of Staff for taking the time to make us aware of this success. We consider it an honor and a privilege to provide top-quality service to those who so selflessly serve our United States of America.