Goals and Objectives

Vertex Energy, Inc., is committed to meeting its fundamental obligations to stockholders, employees, customers and suppliers, as well as to being a good corporate citizen. This commitment is based on five fundamental precepts stating that the company will:

  1. Maintain and enforce high standards of ethical conduct
    • Relationships will be based on honesty, trust, fairness and respect
    • Operations will be conducted in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and in an environmentally responsible manner
    • A positive difference will be made in the communities where we do business
    • Sustainable business practices will be promoted to protect the environment and conserve resources
  2. Maintain a strong “people orientation” and demonstrate care for every employee
    • Employees will be treated fairly and with respect
    • Communications with employees will be clear, direct and timely
    • Teamwork and collaboration, learning and personal growth will be encouraged
    • Promotion from within will be practiced whenever possible
  3. Attract and retain suppliers and customers throughout the United States
    • Customer and supplier needs will drive our efforts to win in the marketplace with a competitively advantaged business system
    • Provide products and services of consistently superior quality and value
  4. Maintain a prudent, results-oriented approach to business that builds superior shareholder value over the long-term
    • Challenging business objectives will be set to ensure a steady rate of real growth, while maintaining the financial growth of the corporation.
    • Profitable growth will be pursued while maintaining excellence in our existing businesses
    • Growth opportunities will be sought actively within and outside the corporation in areas that capitalize on Vertex’s immense strengths
  5. At Vertex Energy, our goal is to become the nation’s leading producer of transportation fuels and feedstocks derived from a variety of recovered hydrocarbon streams.
    • Reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil by recycling otherwise lost hydrocarbons
    • Improve the environment by increasing the cleanliness and quantity of recovered hydrocarbons
    • Improve the business practices, image and growth prospects of our entire industry.